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Annual Report 2018

Download the annual report 2018 as a PDF here. All basic information will be found in the document.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

AO Center: leading the way in energy efficiency

In Davos, Switzerland, the AO's headquarters are leading the way in energy efficiency. Energy costs and sustainability are vital issues for the entire AO.

The AO has adopted extensive measures in heating, lighting, server virtualization, and heat pump optimization in its quest to reduce its energy use. This reduction puts the AO ahead of its peers, and additionally delivers a significant saving of CHF 25,000 per year. 

Since 2014, the AO has been involved with the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector (EnAW) and has made waves locally with the extent of the innovative change it has achieved. Rather than looking back at its successes, the AO is constantly looking for new ways of effecting further savings and innovative optimization of existing energy solutions.

Alex Fierz, Facilities Manager, AO Center

Since 2014 when the AO ramped up its work in this area, it has saved 210,000 kilowatt hours of energy, 80,000 of which are kilowatt hours of electricity: enough to power about 20 homes. The engine driving this progress is the AO's Facility Management unit, which ranks sustainability as its chief priority. The motivation to continue comes from its environmental conscience and the understanding that, with energy prices rising, the AO has a duty due to its status as a foundation to do what it can to keep such expenses to a minimum.

This frees up resources, which can then be channeled into the AO's mission of promoting excellence in patient outcomes in trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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