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Annual Report 2018

Download the annual report 2018 as a PDF here. All basic information will be found in the document.

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AORecon Skills Lab


Innovational Skills Lab upgrades global arthroplasty education

AO Recon is a true AO success story. With the rising numbers of arthroplasty and periprosthetic fracture cases in sight, the AO realized the huge global need and potential for specialized education in this field.

In 2014, supported by the results of a broad needs analysis, a number of key AO surgeons took the initiative and formed AO Recon to meet the identified need.

AORecon's independence as an education provider and its commitment to excellence are the two main features that enable its innovative approach. In 2018, AO Recon premiered its Skills Lab, which responds to the demand in the surgeon community for this approach to learning skills needed to perform specific surgical steps that enable successful primary hip and knee procedures to be successful.

Different stations focus on specific surgical steps that lead to successful primary hip and knee replacements. At each station, expert faculty instruct course participants and help them reflect on their performance. The learning outcomes are maximized by the optimal participant-to-faculty ratio.

AO Recon 2018 Educational Events
12 curriculum courses offered in
10 countries, attracting
490 participants from
57 countries  

In terms of network and events offered, AO Recon's growth trajectory to date is impressive. This is set to continue. In 2019 and beyond it will further strengthen its relevance and be increasingly equipped to meet the rapidly growing need for high quality surgeon education in the area of arthroplasty.

AO Recon's creation five years ago stands as a testament to the AO's continuing dedication to innovation and to improving patient outcomes. It also demonstrates the organization's ability to transform itself to ensure its relevance.

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